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Hey, Waco, Texas! Done any urban planning recently?


A growing number of people are biking in Waco, and they don’t feel especially safe. While there are some bike lanes around the city, many of them aren’t connected and drivers aren’t particularly used to driving with bikers on the road. The Waco Metropolitan Planning Organization held a series of meetings to get input from residents on where they’d like to see bike lanes and sidewalks. Bikers were out in full force at the meeting in Waco, but a few people also voiced concerns about the lack of sidewalks in parts of McLennan County. This leaves people without cars to walk on the side of the road - right next to traffic. And in a place where the majority of the population drives, pedestrians and bikers often find themselves in dangerous situations. 

(ps. The title of this story is a nod to Make Way for Ducklings. Shoutout to Boston!)

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